Augmented Reality for the garden industry

Do you want to generate more online sales on your webshop? Then it is time to embrace Augmented Reality! After all, more and more consumers expect to be able to view products virtually in their own homes or gardens before making a purchase decision. Research shows that using Augmented Reality can lead to an increase in conversions of up to 94%!

Portal with 1,500+ models

Garden Connect offers the solution for your webshop. Using our AR portal and database of more than 1,500 models, you can easily implement Augmented Reality in your webshop. Whether it's garden furniture, barbecues, artificial Christmas trees, pots, plants or pot & plant combinations, we have it all.

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Implementing AR on your webshop is very easy:

  • You get access to our AR portal, and we create new models for you based on existing product photos
  • You place a link to the AR model from the product page
  • Visitors can click on the link
  • Are they not on their mobile? Then they see a QR code to scan

No app needed

Our AR solution is accessible to everyone, and you don't need any additional apps or software to use it. Moreover, all models in our database are free to use, and we create tailor-made models for your webshop. So you can effortlessly take your shop to the next level and generate more online sales.

Are you curious how Augmented Reality works and what it can do for your webshop? Scan or click the QR code and see how our chair looks in your living room or garden.

Do not wait any longer and implement Augmented Reality in your webshop with Garden Connect today! You can open a free trial account or log in directly with your existing account.

Free trial account

You can open a free trial account. This gives you 30 days of full access to our portal to view all models. You can also link them to your own website, but you cannot request models. Also, the design of the AR viewer is in our branding. Once you have a full account, you can format the AR viewer in your own branding & colours. We will also create at least 50 new models for you!

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